Peach is a princess from Super Mario and a model on Anime's Next Top Model Cycle 1.

433px-Princess Peach SM3DW

Peach's casting photo

Age 17

Show Super Mario

Occuption Princess

Current rank on C1


Peach is a princess of Mushroom Kingdom. Her love interest is Mario. Her best friends are called Daisy and Rosalina , who is also a model in cycle 1. She used to be known Princess Toadstool. She always been kidnapped by Bowser, Mario's ememy.

Anime's Next Top Model Cycle 1Edit

In Episode 1, when she arrives, Peach says "OMG I in ANTM I can't believe it right now." When Allison judges her photo, she says "Peach, what the? You are a really good mode but this is just plain. It like taking a profile photo." She was in bottom 3 with Corina and Jasmine but was elimated along with Corina but after finding out she was in the comeback, her final words is "I was shocked about not being in the show but I have to do my best to comeback."

In Episode 2, she was elimated in the comeback.